Helping Hands Pediatrics is a Family-Centered Medical Home. The Medical Home…is accessible, continuous, comprehensive, family-centered, coordinated, compassionate, and culturally effective care (AAP policy statement, 2002, reaffirmed 2008).

This means Helping Hands Pediatrics, as your Medical Home, is a central resource for all of your child’s care needs. In a Medical Home, your doctor, nurse and other medical staff who see your child for routine check-ups – make you feel like you are the most important part of the health care team. You are welcome and invited to participate in all aspects of your child’s care.

As your Medical Home we will also help you find needed information and resources, such as information about:

  • Pediatric specialists
  • Health conditions/latest treatments
  • Home care, equipment, and vendors
  • Supports and respite services for your family
  • Other key local services

Our Practice would like to be available when you need us. The care we provide is based on scientific and expert standards developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and Bright Futures. For additional information regarding evidence-based guidelines, ask our physicians or your team member.
  Access and Communication
Helping Hands Pediatrics wants to make sure that you are able to communicate with our staff. Please ask about any special communication or access needs that you or your children have. We have “policies” with your needs in mind. Some Include:

  • When you call for a sick appointment, you will be seen within 24 hours. Same day if possible.
  • When your child has tests or procedures done you will get results by either nurse phone call or Patient Portal.
  • If you are referred to a specialist, with your permission we will share information with them and with you in a timely manner.
  Your Medical Home Care Team
Your Medical Home care team is here to help you along every step of your child’s well-being, from preventive visits to sick care, mental and oral care to community resources and access to specialists.

Front Office Staff: This team will help you schedule routine office visits, fill out office, school and sport forms, remind you of upcoming appointments and offer Patient Portal assistance.

Medical Assistants: This team will take vitals, such as height, weight and BMI, ask about current health conditions, perform in office testing such as hearing, vision and assist the physician throughout your visit.

Nurses: This team will give phone advice for patients, schedule sick appointments, refill prescriptions, manage chronic health conditions, perform in office lab testing and procedures and administer depression, development and asthma tools.

Care Coordinators: This team will assist in coordinating specialist visits and follow-up care, provide patient information on transportation, community resources, specialized health education, language specific materials and/or translation, durable medical equipment and therapies. The care coordinators are also the ‘go to’ person for your many of your Medical Home questions.

  As Your Medical Home, Helping Hands Pediatrics Will....

  • Take care of your child when he or she is sick and well and help you all to stay well
  • Help you plan your child’s care and/or set goals for care, now and in the future
  • Talk with you about any testing or treatment that your child needs
  • Work with you and other care providers to coordinate care.

  Making Appointments Better...

  • Are prepared to share how your child is doing (at play, at school, sleep, etc.)
  • Write down and bring your main questions and concerns
  • Bring in a list of any other providers your child sees with their contact information.
  • Ask for help in creating and sharing a complete record and care plan for your child.



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